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Gifts of the Trees candles

Trees have always been our companions from the beginning of time. They have fed us, sheltered us, clothed us,

and many native cultures in our planet refer to them as "our brothers".

Many trees have medicinal properties, while others are believed to be inhabited by spirits,

benevolent spirits of service to the Earth and everything of the Earth.

Many people are able to communicate with these spirit helpers, and we have been able to compile a list

of properties associated with each and every tree.

I am creating an ever expanding candle line to be used in honoring the Trees and receiving their help and guidance.

Please receive their gifts, but also give back by protecting them and preserving our environment and Mother Earth.

3" tall x 2" wide pillars

$11.00 each



The Tree of Happiness

Gifts: Joyful New Beginnings

Pink color- cherry blossoms scent

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The Shaman Tree

Gifts: Dreams, Magic and Healing

Sage Blue color- eucalyptus scent



The Tree of Blessings

Gifts: Healing, Good Fortune

Brown color- orange and neroli scent



The Peace Tree

Gifts: Balance, Connection, Love

Dark Green- spruce scent



The World Tree

Gifts: Oracle, Prophecy, Wisdom

Brown color- cedarwood scent


The Nurturing Tree

Gifts: A Happy Home

Plum color- plum scent



The Prosperity Tree

Gifts: Fertility, Good Luck

Green color- pear scent



The Tree of Eternity

Gifts: Calm, Happiness

Brown color-peach scent


The Tree of Wishes candle

Juniper, Jasmine and Lemongrass


3" tall x 2" wide pillar


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Our candles are made with premium refined waxes, cotton wicks and essential oil blends